Holistic Health in Westlake Village CA

Holistic Health in Westlake Village CA

We offer an array of techniques to assist you in achieving your goals.

Our gentle non-force techniques utilize a combination of specific manual, upper cervical adjustments and Activator Instrumentation, which are suitable for newborn infants, children, and adults. Through a detailed and objective analysis of your body, our Doctors know where to adjust, when to adjust and more importantly, when not to - without twisting, cracking or popping your joints. Our state of the art technology helps administer a gentle precision adjustment only where and when it is needed.

Dr. Melanie is Webster Certified through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA), and specializes in perinatal care for moms and moms to be. After becoming a mom she realized how vital chiropractic care is as your body adapts to the added weight and physical pressure of pregnancy! Whether you're suffering from round ligament pain, low back discomfort, sciatica or more, Dr. Melanie can help provide a prenatal assessment to help balance and restore proper biomechanics and physiological function to your pelvis before, during and after labor.

Upper Cervical Care is a highly specialized form of chiropractic. Many people seek an Upper Cervical Specialist in Westlake Village when chronic issues persist over time and multiple approaches of care. There are only around 1200 Doctors who specialize in Upper Cervical Care around the world. Dr. Jay has completed many additional certifications above his Doctorate to analyze the upper cervical spine and provide the highest quality care for you.

After we encourage you to rest, relax, and breathe in our relaxation suite as your body gently reclines in state of the art zero gravity chairs so your body effectively integrates the adjustments, resulting in longer lasting corrections.


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