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What is chiropractic and what makes upper cervical care a unique approach? Why do patients love our care? What are the benefits of upper cervical chiropractic and what symptoms are known to respond?

Upper Cervical Chiropractic in Westlake CA

Chiropractic care focuses on the health of the spine and how it affects the overall health of the body.

Chiropractors use many different ways to address spinal misalignment (called vertebral subluxation). Vertebral subluxation causes joints to become fixed, inflamed, and painful. It also affects the human nervous system.

Upper cervical chiropractors take extra care in addressing one specific area of the spine, found at the top of the neck. Upper cervical is another way of saying “the top of the neck.”

Upper cervical chiropractic care is a powerful way to

  • remove barriers to natural body healing,
  • improve spinal balance,
  • reduce pain,
  • and improve function.

Why Treat The Upper Cervical Spine Differently

  • This area of the spine forms a “couple” with the base of the skull
  • There are no vertebral discs between the base of the skull down to the second neck bone (cervical vertebra)
  • It is a unique joint in the body which allows human beings incredible motion of the head
  • The area is full of unique nervous system tissue that isn’t found anywhere else in the body
  • In emergency situations, injuries to this area of the spine are the most damaging

For these reasons, upper cervical chiropractors take special care in evaluating and adjusting this sensitive area of the spine.

As a doctor of the upper cervical spine, Dr. Jay evaluates, adjusts, and correct imbalances at the top of the spine. He is one of only a few upper cervical chiropractors located in Westlake Village in the greater Conejo Valley.

What Happens After Upper Cervical Misalignment?

The top of the spine has two important jobs.

  • It supports and balances the heavy head while giving us an amazing range of motion in our neck
  • Protects important and very important vital areas of our nervous system, called the lower brain stem and the spinal cord

While the functions of the body that are controlled or influenced by the lower brain stem are too many to list here, one important job that it does is help control our total body balance.

Upper neck misalignment causes body tension and imbalance that you can actually see, if you know what to look for. In response to the head being off-center of the body.

  • Head to toe, muscles of the body become unbalanced, leading to unequal pulling on spinal vertebrae and painful “fixations” in the spine
  • There is a twist in the pelvis and hips, creating the appearance of a “short leg” and the spine loses its stable base
  • Unequal weight is carried on each half of the body, leading to joint aches and pains as the body breaks down faster on one side than the other
  • Finally the quality of the blood flow (nutrition) to important nervous system issue in the spinal cord/brain stem is affected, negatively impacting internal organ systems, creating multiple and often confusing symptoms.

Our goal is to locate and remove this interference and then help you to live healthy life long habits that enable you to hold your adjustment longer!

What Are Some of the Symptoms that Respond to Care?

Many of our patients have experienced relief from the following conditions just by correcting the misalignment (subluxation) and removing the interference so that the body is able to heal itself!

  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Instability/Vertigo
  • Digestive disorders
  • Insomnia
  • Muscle Aches
  • Headaches/Migraines
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chronic Fatigue

Commonly asked questions

What If I'm Coming For Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care From Outside Westlake Village?

Dr. Jay Moore is both an upper cervical chiropractor and a lifetime recipient of upper cervical care. He understands the distances that many people will go to receive care from a competent upper cervical doctor.

We will do our best to accommodate those who are driving from a distance in the areas surrounding Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks and Conejo Valley area. Please do not hesitate to call to find out if our schedule will work for you.

Do You Pop And Twist The Neck? I'm Afraid Of That.

You are probably thinking of chiropractic adjustments to the neck, where the head is cradled and turned in the doctor's hands. The patient is usually laying face up.

While general chiropractic adjustments offered by other chiropractors are safe when practiced by fully trained doctors of chiropractic, we do not adjust in this manner in this office.

Our upper cervical chiropractic procedure fully supports the head and neck while delivering the adjustment with precision. It is a very different experience than what most people think of, or even fear, when visiting a chiropractor.

Why Aren't There More Chiropractors Like You?

We often speak with patients who have very powerful and positive experiences with this care who want to refer family and friends from outside our area in Westlake Village. They can get frustrated when discovering that there are few upper cervical chiropractors, and that they may have to drive to get the care that they need.

The reasons for this are many.

The first is that not every chiropractic school teaches the importance of addressing the upper cervical spine with a specific protocol, so not every chiropractic student is exposed to our unique perspective on caring for the spine.
The second is that this work requires discipline and education, and travel for more education, which for many reasons, can be a hurdle that stops some doctors (especially young doctors) from participating.
As a whole profession, chiropractic care is often misunderstood and under-utilized by those who would most likely benefit from it, which means that we have fewer chiropractors than our society needs.

Do I Need a Referral To See A Chiropractor?

While Dr. Moore does receive referrals from medical doctors, physician's assistants, dentists, nurses, massage therapists, and other body workers, a referral is not necessary to seek a consultation with an upper cervical chiropractor.

Of course, the highest compliment to our practice is when one of our patient's refers a family member of friend in for a consultation.

Why Do You Adjust Me Less Than Other Chiropractors?

The goal of a traditional chiropractic adjustment is to restore motion in the spine, anywhere where there might be problems in the joints of the spine. In this system, multiple adjustments over multiple visits is expected and helpful.

As a chiropractic procedure, the goal of the upper cervical chiropractic correction is to restore balance and nervous system energy across the entire spine, expecting problems of joint motion to change and improve the longer the spine stays in balance.

Over time this new balance gives your body an opportunity to heal, relax, and find a new equilibrium. Some days feel really good. And other days don't feel so great. Dr. Moore will always check if you are maintaining your new alignment based on objective measurements of your body's function. He will only adjust the upper cervical spine when there is a clinical indicator to do so.

Generally, the fewer adjustments one receives, the faster the patient tends to progress through their upper cervical chiropractic care plan. Holding means healing in the upper cervical chiropractic system.

What If I Have Low Back Pain? Can You Still Help Me?

Yes. Sometimes the name "upper cervical" is confusing. It refers to the neck part of your spine, specifically the top two vertebrae where the head joins the neck. That is the point of application of the upper cervical procedure. However, the effects can be felt across the entire body, including in the low back.

That is because the area where Dr. Moore works has a lot of control and influence on important posture control centers for the body, and the body's ability to self-heal through the nervous system.

Even if your problem is on the other end of the body from the neck, Dr. Moore may be able to help.

How Is Upper Cervical Chiropractic Different Than Other Kinds of Chiropractic Care?

From the patient's experience, the upper cervical system is very different for several reasons.

  • During the neck correction, the neck and head is fully supported by a comfortable table.
  • The adjustment is based on measurements taken from x-rays, so each individual patient receives an adjustment tailor-made for their body.
  • The focus is on restoring total body balance, not just restoring joint motion. In many cases, this means that fewer chiropractic adjustments may be necessary in order to reach the desired changes, which often means fewer chiropractic visits over the lifetime of chiropractic care.

Can Babies And Children Receive Chiropractic Care?

Yes. Upper cervical chiropractic care is a natural choice for improving the life of small children and babies, especially those who experienced a difficult birth, or who are suffering from chronic health problems.

Generally speaking, both babies and small children respond quickly to upper cervical adjustments, and the gentle upper cervical correction is very safe, gentle and appropriate for their small bodies.

Do I Need To Have A Problem To Make An Upper Cervical Chiropractic Appointment?

No, you do not have to have a specific condition in order to benefit from upper cervical chiropractic care. The upper cervical chiropractic procedure intends to restore proper balance to the human body and nervous system, regardless if there is pain.

Those concerned with human well-being and performance, including athletes, have found that the better body balance through upper cervical care is beneficial to their overall health.

How Often Do I Need To Make A Chiropractic Appointment?

The upper cervical chiropractic system is meant to restore proper body balance and allow the body a greater ability for self-healing. For most people that does not come from a one-time adjustment, so a proper care plan is necessary to make sure that you're progressing under Dr. Moore's care.

While everyone's response is different, generally speaking, those who choose upper cervical care make fewer repeat visits than with other forms of chiropractic care, over the lifetime of that care. The emphasis in the upper cervical system is not on getting repeated adjustments, but making sure that your adjustment is holding.

The longer you hold, the fewer chiropractic appointments you'll make.


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