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With so many options today it can be challenging at times to make the right decision. You want what is best for your children or yourself, and you do your research before finalizing your decision.

We Understand.

As parents ourselves, we know the importance of choosing the right Doctor for your family, which is why we offer you a genuine promise that we will deliver the highest quality care possible.

Meet Dr. Jay

Chiropractors Westlake Village CA Jason Moore and Melanie MooreI discovered the power of upper cervical care just like you - as a client, looking for answers. For years I had suffered from migraine headaches, vertigo, and digestive health issues, and nothing worked. I had seen all the specialists, even other chiropractors, and I had almost given up hope, feeling like I'll just have to deal with it for the rest of my life.

Upper cervical care unlocked a new life for me. I no longer have to isolate myself in a dark room for days until my migraine went away, and I didn't have to take heavy pain killers just to get by.

It changed my life so much that I dedicated my entire experience as a doctor to refining the analysis and skills it takes to understand the intricate nature of the upper cervical complex and how severely it can affect not only your health but your life.

I hope that you'll be inspired by my own personal story so that I can give this gift back to you. I would love to help transform your life so that you can stop your suffering and get everything you want and deserve now.

Dr. Jay and Dr. Melanie have created a practice focused on the neurological, chemical, and mental/emotional pillars of health to offer you the highest quality of health care available. With the primary focus on the neurological foundation, coupled with specialized testing, nutrition, and supplemental support, our comprehensive approach covers all areas that may have been overlooked before. With these specialized programs created with you in mind, the team at Revive would love to help you restore your life to a higher level of potential.

Meet Dr. Melanie

I first discovered chiropractic just like you, as a client who was suffering from unexplainable chronic and sometimes even debilitating pain. I had seen over 11 doctors and specialists, went through physical therapy which only seemed to make it worse, and then someone suggested I see my chiropractor. I felt like I had uncovered the world's greatest secret, and like I had a brand new body.

I dove into the world of health care with a vibrant interest in sharing my story, to make a difference, and to help people who were suffering just like me.

During my first pregnancy, I experienced new aches and sharp pain. Immediately, I felt the difference between a simple and gentle adjustment made in my comfort and sleep. I decided to complete my Webster certification in 2013 to specialize and help pregnant women adapt to these physical and chemical changes with ease so every woman could experience a more comfortable pregnancy and easier labor.

As I continued to study "alternative" health care I noticed it was particularly interesting how nature seemed to provide everything you need to optimize your health even beyond resolving the pain.

Drs Jay and Melanie Moore have completed many additional hours of training in herbal and whole-food support for overall health and wellness and have learned that most causes of illness come down to one of two things: toxicity (too much of the bad stuff) or deficiency (not enough of the good stuff). We are delighted to be able to bring this knowledge into the practice to help you get to the root cause of your health concerns and help re-establish a better standard for healthcare and improve the quality of your life.

Dr. Melanie is currently on sabbatical and not accepting new patients.


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