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With so many options today it can be challenging at times to make the right decision. You want what is best for your children or yourself, and you do your research before finalizing your decision.

We Understand.

As parents ourselves, we know the importance of choosing the right Doctor for your family, which is why we offer you a genuine promise that we will deliver the highest quality care possible.

Chiropractors Dr. Jason Moore & Dr. Melanie Moore

Chiropractors Westlake Village CA Jason Moore and Melanie Moore

Dr. Jay is our Upper Cervical Specialist, having completed additional training and countless hours of experience in the art of specific upper cervical correction. This highly specialized form of chiropractic is so specific only a small percent of chiropractors have the additional education and expertise in the intricate art of Upper Cervical Specific Corrections (about 1200 in the world).

Dr. Melanie is our family Chiropractor, helping the whole family care for their unique needs, whether they are five minutes old or five decades young. Offering a gentle touch, Dr. Melanie is highly skilled at caring for women and children, especially for moms throughout their entire pregnancy.

Dr. Melanie is ICPA Webster Certified (for perinatal care) and is an active member of the ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association), the California Chiropractic Association and recognized by the American Pregnancy Association. In addition to caring for women and children, Dr. Melanie also has a passion for working with young aspiring athletes and dancers to help them reach their dreams.

Both Doctors grew up in Canada and relocated to California in 2008 to pursue their careers helping the community naturally improve their health and condition. They now have a thriving family based wellness practice in Westlake Village, offering gentle corrective care for the whole family.


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